About Sunfrog Solar

SunFrog Solar is focused in offering quality products and unprecedented service to our customers. SunFrog’s goal is to be a meaningful partner with you whether your goal is to reduce your impact on the environment, solve remote power problems, our reduce your Carbon Tax expenditures. SunFrog offers standard products that may fit your need but sometimes your goal or applications needs a specialized solution. Our first question to our valued customer is “what exactly is your goal for your application?” With that information we work with you “Hand in Hand” and coupled with our knowledge and expertise we begin the planning and design of your Grid Tie, RV/Marine, Agricultural or total custom project. For specialized and Grid Tie systems SunFrog will do “Free” onsite evaluations to insure the best products are used that match the application and site. Once the evaluation is complete then we would schedule an appointment to review the the project in detail. Together we will go over the design, detailed analysis of products, associated costs, and the time frame start to finish. Our service focus sales plan does not stop there. Once the project is completed and depending on the complexity you can expect all Grid Tie an in home/office consolation to walk through your system where we will explain how your system works. Inclusive of setting up your PC, Tablet and Smart Phone. We are so confident that our service is second to none in the industry that we actually have a referral program when you direct customers to us we will pay you!

We know that you “the customer” have many options as to where you buy product. Our goal at SunFrog Solar is not to just sell product but rather offer an unprecedented sale/service experience.